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Guardian Care Management is a long-standing Professional Guardianship Firm providing Elderly & Disabled Life Plan Assessments and Care Management Services to individuals such as elderly or disabled individuals, family members caring for their loved ones, trustees, attorneys and other professional guardians.


Established in 1993, GCM began as a private guardianship firm providing quality compassionate care. Over the past 20 years, the company has evolved to include two other areas of expertise: Elderly & Disabled Life Plan Assessments and Care Management Services.


Families often struggle with understanding the many facets of caring for Elderly or Disabled loved ones. GCM provides Elderly & Disabled Life Plan Assessments to a wide and diverse group of clients and their families. We assist in determining individual needs in order to make recommendations such as resources, benefits, support, and more to help defray ever increasing care costs.


The need for Care Management Services is the natural progression from a completed Life Plan Assessment. GCM offers customized service plans to include any or all of the following areas: Benefits, Social, Medical, Personal & Important Documents, Bill Pay & Budgeting, and Property. Care Management provides assistance to elderly or disabled individuals and support to those assisting in their care.


We have been providing Professional Guardianship Services in our 5 surrounding counties for decades. A Professional Guardian is typically appointed when there is an elderly or disabled at-risk adult; without available, willing or appropriate friends or family able to stand as the court-appointed guardian. These cases can involve exploitation, self-neglect, abuse, or they can be folks who have simply outlived their support system, living well into their 90s-100s.